Buried away in a corner is somebody to blame
One with the doom and the dying, the one and the same
Nothing that's spoken is important, it merely echoes and fades
Glimpses of solitude are welcome for those fortunate enough to evade
It was swifter than the justice that was served
It was crueller than the kindness they all deserved
And amongst the angst and anger was an anthem we all knew
And at the end of it all she will be calmer than karma when I'm through
Fitting the pieces together all in order to find
Parts of a misunderstanding, the very thing we're leaving behind
Rambling on for a while, it's so good that it hurts
But patience will rule in the end when we all receive our just desserts

Coming alive was a blessing, being here is a curse
And once there's room for improvement, things can only get worse
Versus the victor and victim, I know who I'd be
We have to appreciate nothing so we can be finally free

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Calmer Than Karma Lyrics

Steve Morgan And Band – Calmer Than Karma Lyrics