Try your pills and powders
Take your drugs of every kind
Try your luck with liquor
Try your luck with beer and wine

You can try
Try it any way you choose
You can try it if you want to
But it's no use runnin' from the blues

You tried to throw a party
And the invitations read
All your friends invited
But the blues showed up instead

(Repeat chorus)

You flown down to Jamaica
And you walked on off the plane
Blues stepped up to greet ya
And he smiled and shook your hand

(Repeat chorus)

It ain't no superstition, child
The blues is really real
Get yourself together
Got to deal with how you feel

(Repeat chorus)
(Instrumental out)

Steve Forbert
Welk Music (Ascap)/
Rolling Tide Music (Ascap)
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No Use Running From The Blues Lyrics

Steve Forbert – No Use Running From The Blues Lyrics

Songwriters: STEVE FORBERT
No Use Running From The Blues lyrics © DEMI MUSIC CORP. D/B/A LICHELLE MUSIC COMPANY

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