(Jimmie Rodgers)

I went down to the corner, just to meet my gal,
Saw her standing on the sidewalk, talking to my pal.
I strolled back to the bar room, to get another drink of gin.
Next thing I was reelin', rocking and drunk again.

Ref:Hay-ee-hay-hoo-a-ha-ha bo-hoo-hey-ho gamblin bar room blues

I kept drinking gin and ligour, to way up in the night,
(then) my pal came to the bar room, we had an awful fight.

I reached down for my razor, and we knocked around, but when I pulled
My pistol, I quickly smoked him down.


I went to see my baby, and met her on the way,
Told her I had to leave her, told her I couldn't stay.
I went down to the station, stopped in at the bar,
There I met a policeman, riding in a motor car.

We both drank lots of liqour, that flat footed cop and I,
I thought he'd never leave me, Lord, I thought I'd die.
My baby came in to join us, and it began to rain, then I had
To hurry, hurry, to catch that midnight train.

I laid my head on the ballroom door, I never get drunk anymore,
I found my watch and my golden chain, I found my babys diamond ring.
Police, police, police, you're just as drunk as me,
I grabbed that all eight-wheeler, and went to the deep blue sea-ee.
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Gambling Barroom Blues Lyrics

Steve Forbert – Gambling Barroom Blues Lyrics

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