As the shadows rise from my heart
A chilling storm of evil temptation unbound
Embraces my soul and tears it apart
The worlds are shaken by an agonizing sound

The shadows in my heart
Light turns to dark

The will to eradicate is possessing me
Like a supernova afterglow
I cannot resist this raging drive to break free
The metamorphosis, it shall rise and grow

Cruel charm, lust for harm
Damage done, I am a son of axe and sword
Fallen lord, take away the light of day


"Blindfolded destruction shall pave the way
For the dominion of the wicked
Impure we are...
Overcasting the lands with an image of war and terror
Those who dare to refuse shall be erased and forgotten"

The more I burn, the more I yearn
For power and glory instead of harmony
Shades of insanity make me feel dazed
The shadows in my heart are consuming energy
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Shadows In My Heart Lyrics

Sternenstaub – Shadows In My Heart Lyrics