Alpha is omega, rising is descent
Eternal enigma, from beginning to end

All that remains is gloom...

"Welcome to the shadowland
There is no escape from this place
No one is there to hold my hand
Find your own way through this maze"

The force of time, it strikes me down
My mind, reduced to an ageless loop
I am marching on without a sound
A warrior of the cosmic troop

I feel like a chess piece, there's no release
From this grotesque tragedy
All I can see is the lethargy of an eternal slumber

Via aeternitatis
Ad caelastis
Origo profundis
Astris in extremis

Eternal slumber - no restless wonder
Sinister silence - oppressive confinement
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The Eternal Slumber Lyrics

Sternenstaub – The Eternal Slumber Lyrics