I used to work on a computer
Which watched as I age
Taunted by the life I led
I sat submerged in rage
So I left to find my passion
It only took one day
I let these 88 keys
Blow my blues away

Now I’ve seen the girls of Rio
And I’ve tasted their delights
I’ve sang the blues in Memphis
And I’ve got in drunken fights
I’ve been a hundred places
I’ll go a hundred more
No I don’t want to settle down
I want to explore

Oh I’ve always been a wild horse
Who nobody could tame
They tried to tie me up
In big padlocks and chains
But I was born free
And I won’t be held down
I let the speed of the breeze
Blow me from town to town

I’ve played to Taiwanese and Spanish
Italian and Thai
I’ve played the slopes of France
And the depths of Uruguay
Yeah the road gets rocky
Ah but that’s okay
I let these 88 keys
Blow my blues
Blow my blues
Blow my blues away
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City Boy Blues Lyrics

Stephen Ridley – City Boy Blues Lyrics