The sun wakes me up from the night before
Stale whiskey on my breath
Used condoms on the floor
Regret in my bed, I don’t remember her name
It’s all the same

I realize I don’t recognize the room in which I lay
So I tip toe out the door
Stealing her cigarettes on the way
I take one and suck as I hold it to the flame
The nicotine clears my head
But the thoughts of you remain

And Lord knows I’ve tried to get you out my mind
But for all I’ve lost to drugs and drink
I can’t get you from inside
Your cheating hear was more than my pride could bear
But I’ve been through girls and potions and pills
And none of them compare
I love you so
But it seems that won’t suffice
Cos my love and my lust and my hard earned stuff
Can’t keep your wandering eye

I love you so
I can’t break from this cell
Oh I want to be free, but you’ve got the key
And you like me under your spell
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Butterfly Lyrics

Stephen Ridley – Butterfly Lyrics