Ooh boy, ooh boy
I've never felt this way
Baby please, baby please
Understand me, how I feel today
I thought that this could never happen to me
And now it has but he can't stay with me

Baby, please don't go
I'll be so lonely
I now can't live without you, no
Were we ever meant to be
I wish that I could have realised sooner
That I was so close to you
But now it's all over

Lying here by myself
I stare within my mind
I cry to myself and think "Did I leave you behind?"
And I, I could die
Without you by my side
I miss you, I need you, I love you


Over, over, over
It's all over, over, over
What can I do to stay alive
I let myself love you and now that I've lost you
Could I possibly survive

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So Close To You Lyrics

Steph – So Close To You Lyrics