Naughty, so naughty
So, so, so naughty

Momma said that you were trouble
But nothing could ever burst our bubble
You' re always breaking the rules, deny the law
But it' s that danger that makes me want you more

Naughty, oh it makes me feel upside down
Nasty, ooh it spins me round and round
Baby, you' re no good for me
But baby, you stole my heart from me

I told my mum not to worry ' bout me
Cos I get home very safely
It' s like I' m addicted to his heart
Which makes me feel that this could be love


A little less worry, a little more time
I need you to realise that he is mine
A little less lectures, a little more love
He must have come from above

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Naughty Lyrics

Steph – Naughty Lyrics