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Crystal Clear Lyrics

Statik Selektah – Crystal Clear Lyrics

Sup niggas?
Man let's fuck around a little bit
Let me get my phone, let me get my phone
See what I got over here
Do shit like this

Population where I be is zero
If there's a prison out there that can fit me
I could stay, I'd copulate with her if she a C.O
Long as she don't gossip, I get her saved by the bell
You know that sloppy face, that's a crooked occupation
I'm wearing a crooked Ferragamo belt
I'm looking for Tatyana Ali, to get my jockey straight
Man I'm glad I got sober, I was out here 'bout to marry all the bitches
Plus the doctor said, I nearly almost did it
Five-nine is underrated, that's such an understatement
Fuck, man I might as well bury all the critics
Instead of buying chains, I'd rather buy a chain of WingStops
Don't compare me to these lames, please stop
I shoot up their venue, with a metaphor about myself
The marque say the name, the name make the marque pop
Blocka-blocka player listen here, I ain't here to play no games with you
Outting your career, like a meniscus tear
I'm the same nickel, tryna change little
All I did was stop drinking, that's when I found out I was rich in spirit
I don't got too many memories of this industry, just bits and pieces
Of beef and me driving my whip impaired, like (Skurr!)
Decisions, decisions, being made by the best ever
Respect the lyrics of the BMW stretch 7, the choice is yours
We just formed a new brotherhood called the, "Cut you off for nothing" crew
And yes we open the road with less brethren
When Statik Selektah decided he gon' let you have it
Call me for a verse, you'll have to call to payphone the church
And when it ring, I'll probably let the reverend grab it
Like "Aye, tell him last time, Black Thought killed me man"

Real niggas doing real shit this year
Ain't shit change but the different spaceships to steer
It ain't a real bitch alive who can resist this here
Even fakes could see this real here, crystal clear

Yeah, real niggas doing real shit this year
Pop off, it don't mean that you won the fight
It just mean that you in the fight, probably don't even wanna fight
You swinging at the fire, last nigga violating got invited to a bottle bash with us
You in the bitter denial, thinking we won't link with you
I tint the window on the Lincoln too, do the linking to all you "link in the bio" ass niggas
And I may even hire hitters, trade your last tweeting for your last beating
Get them bad people to smoke everything living in the name of your fire ass Twitter
The wolves got my back right, and we glad y'all shining
Let me repeat, we glad y'all shining
But this year, we got the softest group of artists in the history of Blues, R&B, Soul
For y'all to be so willing to be so blast off honest
We're Black pride, I'm astonished, I'm a full contact guy in the flag
Ball climbing, it ain't a nigga from this era as resilient as me
I made a whole career off survival for millions to see
A nigga with a bottle, some will and some brilliance
Some beats for fulfillment, some children for peace
I spent at least ten years drunk, tryna do the impossible
Which is try to walk on water and not sink
And that's when I experienced the deep, that's something that I won't forget
Now I can lead millions to see while I'm soaking wet
God made y'all in image of SpongeBob so I gotta ask y'all, did it soak in yet?
I'm the top dog and without the SZA I split up the spitters
I feel like I'm Kendrick, we need the control cause I'm heartless
My soul beside ain't all the way took over
I'm searching for artists to destroy to fill the void in my hollow trophy chest
But that's fam, not associates, I'm so focused that
Last night, swear to God I had a dream that I told Beyoncé "no"
Yes, no BS, tryna go to war with me is like messing with the Soviets
The lesson here is loud and clear
You wrestle with the stove while the stove is lit
You'll hug your way to hell but you ain't holding shit

Real niggas doing real shit this year
Ain't shit change but the different spaceships to steer
It ain't a real bitch alive who can resist this here
Even fakes could see this real here, crystal clear
Real niggas doing real shit this year
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