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Pull The Curtain Back Lyrics

Statik Selektah – Pull The Curtain Back Lyrics

No Malice! (Statik Selektah)
Pull the curtain back

It matters not what the wave is, rather what you make it
In a pact full of rats stand out like Sammy Davis
Everywhere you look snitching like it's contagious
Count every man a liar, so says my savior
Label was a few but the harvest is plentiful
Pass the baton, I lap niggas by intervals
Homie I been approved, you ain't never been in them shoes
They know Malice did everything that they pretend to do
Win or lose by the blood I am forgiven
Count it all a righteous act even when I'm sinning
If you love me cause I love you back, that there is a given
But who is he who loves you still even when you didn't
Who we kidding, forbidden fruits, magnifique
Every day's like I'm fighting to keep my sanity
God took my Re-Up chain, killing off my vanity
Too godly for the world while the church hear my profanity
Will God curse us when it's called for?
I'm back from the dead like an encore
Time for a change, I was blinded by deceit
This is for my comrades dying in the street
Lying in the street, he was making all kind of dough
Now we mourn the dead, well he was dead a long time ago
Only twenty-two, you mean to tell me it's his time to go?
Lord help us, we falling like we some dominoes

Pull the curtain back
Pull the curtain back
I say it's time we pull the curtain back
Time we pull the curtain back
I say it's time we pull the curtain back
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