Break the chains that your mind has placed upon you
And hate the way you blame me for what happened to you
And shake the vice that your body's gotten used to
And face the light and see there's no time left for you to lose

You'll never get away
There's still the Devil left to pay

Can't you see your darkness in this light?
I'd rather be alone than live a life spent choking on the
Dust you feed
The ashes greyed your mind
You know that I believe
It's time for you to open up your eyes

Break away from the leech that plagues upon your mind
Hate the name you've chosen for yourself along the way
Parasite, or can't you see the monster you've become?
Face the lie and look into the damage you have done

You fall apart, you cannot comprehend this
You fall apart, why can't you see the end of this?
You fall apart and yet you still cannot comprehend the severity of this
And I can't help you anymore
Pray There's no time left for you to choose
Pray May He have mercy on you
You'll never get away
You'll never get away
There's still the Devil left to pay...
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Open Your Eyes Lyrics

State Of Illusion – Open Your Eyes Lyrics