Tear out the page as if it were never written
Erase the name you wear upon your heart
Throw away the promises
And cover up the emptiness with lies
Left in the wake

Will you let a tear fall
When you think of all you've lost?

As I wake from walking in my sleep
I've been lost from the start
But I'll continue to hold what I believe
As my world falls apart

Stirred awake only to find your ashes
Left in the place I used to call my heart
We throw away our innocence
And gaze upon the ruins that we've made
Along the way

Will we let another tear fall
When we see what we've become?

The mist has lifted
With sober eyes we finally see
All we've been given
All that we're supposed to be
We stand before this desolation
We must move in one direction
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Falls Apart Lyrics

State Of Illusion – Falls Apart Lyrics