Adorned with my ancestral rights
Founded on fear, maintained by might, now
Loudspeakers call out and remind
Keep posture straight keep minds in line, don't dare step out
Mainstream conforming ways that my
Color can't seem to fit well into, I'm exsposed

This is my last dying plea to you
These misconceptions keep my hands nailed to the cross
Relics, pieces, the images are false
My cynic explanations are breaking down your walls

Adorned in gold, maintained by might, now
As I am disavowed. I've disavowed these thoughts that keep me down, don't dare stand up
This is my last attempt, I lash out

This is my last challenge, I fall
In my search for the truth
I've found nothing but broken pieces of you...
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Rise And Fall Lyrics

Stars Hide Fire – Rise And Fall Lyrics