The emptiness of your voice
Still echoes clear
You warned me once again
I refused, to listen
Decided for myself
That this was everything I felt

This is all I have to give
This is what I'm living with
The hate, the games
The lies, the pain

The never knowing why
On lonely nights, I still fall asleep (Fall asleep)
Without you (Without you)
I fold

As I sit here distorting my reality
I search hours for answers
And I can't remember
What it felt like before you
Without you, I fold

I refuse to answer your questions
I won't break down
Just leave me here I can find my way
I can do this by myself

Everyday I still wake up next to you:
On lonely nights I still fall asleep (Fall asleep)
Without you, I fold
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Fold Lyrics

Stars Hide Fire – Fold Lyrics