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Shroud Lyrics

Starkweather – Shroud Lyrics

(are. Resmini)
Spent years deadening my nerves Turn violence inward Rise to the sight
Grey industrial haze shroud over the city Resign rationale for
Reptilian calm All frustrations mount and spiral Anneal my animus
Slavering teeth rake venom from my tongue Dredge up far reaching
Horrors Suffer patiently Invite infection to nourish the cancer
Unparalleled extremes Enter, if you will, virgin territory No comfort
Here inside this, the bleak house Darkness absolute A pure form
Imitation of life Room antiseptic white, blank expressionless Sliding
Hands across the plaster Feel for faults and fractures My head
Swimming in circles Floating endless slipstream Body salamander slick
Shriveled as a newborn Vigor wrenched out in pools of salt water
Ground to a halt Beat of life pulsing intermittently vacillating -
Indecisive Sliding hands across the plaster Feel for faults and
Fractures Breathe deep the frigid air Cough on the numbing sting of
Sleeps pins and needles It's like swallowing razors Jagged pieces of
Glass and steel Stare into the sun with frozen open eyes Searching for
A simple diversion Self-induced sense deprivation Stare into the sun
With frozen open eyes Stare into the sun with frozen open eyes
Icicles form in the furrows of my brows Sub-zero and sweating Stare
Into the sun Frozen open eyes
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