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Shards Lyrics

Starkweather – Shards Lyrics

(are. Resmini)
Summon forth the rain wash away the filth I can blanch memories I
Can't cleanse my soul Summon forth the flames, strip flesh from bone I
Can't slough memories they're like second skin One cut for memory
Another for hope I'm probing for answers Can only strike a nerve
Cutting cables Unloading dead weight Until nothing remains An innate
Self-loathing pouring from every aperture These holes in my skin let
The darkness out Let it flow These holes in my skin let the darkness
Out Let it flow There's nothing less in this world than what I think
Of myself A broken man Paint a picture of a broken man Search - For a
Reason Probe deep Strike a nerve The scars have faded weathered away
Through the years All memories remain intact, clear Crystalline and
Unpure Cutting cables, Unloading dead weight until nothing remains
These holes in my skin let the darkness out let it flow In rivulets of
Blood that flow down my arms Into the drain Rivulets of blood flow
Down my arms Into the drain An innate self-loathing pouring from every
Aperture Never a truer feeling than pain To assure me I'm alive
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