When a calloused young man can't break his frustration
And his ethics to life become motive not meaning
When a cold hard stare in the mirror shows clear the pain inside you tremble
Your tolerance building pumping in reinforcement
Backlashed effect now it's totally consumed you
I see how you've placed people as products to meet your needs
In your world of non-feeling
You don't seem to feel anything
You don't seem to care about anything at all
Looking for an answer underneath a problem
Building belief as it crumbles all around you
I see I hear your actions and your words so clear
Love is just a word said
To care is just rejection
Hope is just reaching and you believe in taking
With people come problems you choose to ignore them
You hide in your world where nothing can touch you
Dried Up
Dried Up
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Brutality Lyrics

Sprung Monkey – Brutality Lyrics