I've got a point to make
Yes I've got somthing to say
Try to right my wrongs of yesterday
But people holding on to their anger
Behind the eyes it's hatred
Scars, how long they take to go away
Well hear me I can't believe you're sorry
I can't believe your sorry
It's just another word I've heard you say
Now that I've pushed aside my feelings
You're back again to try and steal them
Why won't you just go away?
Time can't erase all that you did to me,
What you did to my mind
What you did to my mind
Nothing can erase all that you meant to me,
Was it all in my mind?
Was it all in my mind?
What came so easily
Just tore apart my life
It blew in fast just like a haunting breeze
Now I'm left with why
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Right My Wrong Lyrics

Sprung Monkey – Right My Wrong Lyrics