The ripper on the beat
Tranquilize him with a shot in his knee
Act of my practice can be called anthropophagy
Baseball bat swings with clinacal accuracy
Body get rapped up a chef doing pastry
When you hear me speak is no nursery is just catery
Cause feeding time turn the beast inside to start what was meant to be zoology
Best with the tec, first to attack
Niggas finna test, leave their body flat with their long crack
Abuse them whilst they undress call it molest,
Countless times even without the rolex
With a fracture in his sagittal crest
How come the sergeant aint even impress?
He begged but I left him in a mess
For the feds
He laid in rest no peace missing his legs

{ Chorus }

The anthropophagist
Leave peeps tie with the strips
Next to the cigarate tips
Then body get dragged to the attic
Where my actions can be define as malpractice
Show victims no justice
Aint ready to do the fasting
Plus my pan is burning
So I put your arm in
Relieve myself from famine
Then your hart is what I start poundin
Your hart shatterd your arms are crisp
Your kidney removed and extracted your piss
Your longs slapped out your chest like rihanna was done by chris
With no media risk
Willing to throw flipping kicks like karate kid
To extract your chicks tits
The rest of her bits gets thrown in a pit
Her thigh might be kept and maybe her hip
With the knife in my left I collapse her ribs
Blind her eye with my fist
Cause she is wastefull as a spit (that you don't wanna know)
Hanging on a dry lip

That you don't wanna know
That you don't wanna knoow, no, no, no

Metaphorically I was suppose to reuse the artillery
Now skulls are being hanged on my gallery
Label it a disorder of mentally
Atually an early disorder of insanity
Social deviancy apparently
Is what they label me formerly
Practically it aint no mythology
No logic just like psyhcology
Believably cannibalism is been practised recently
I like to eat occasionally
Degrade myself from humanity
Eventhough I'm condone fiercly
Still leave art locally like a lithography
Historically we never fit in society
If it's necessary the tools from military
Best fun comes manually
From tools less than a penny
Do the job daily to annually
Carcus gets exposed horrifically
Knife is the primitive weapon use originally
Now is been classified as criminilogy
I follow what was historically
The path of my ancestory
Anything in my reach
Aint reaching the mortuary
Cause you know what a nigga be
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Cannibalism Lyrics

Spokez – Cannibalism Lyrics