{ Spokez }
I'm about to bring the beat back
Stand and watch how I bring the heat back
And I aint talking about bringing the artilery back
I'm talking about going pshyco on the beat, chucky is back
Gives traumatic brain injury in your memory cap
Take a seat back
Cause tryna understand my analagyies is gonna be deadly
Cause nobody seen the top speed that my speech reach
Make other emcee seized to exist and freeze
Like a torpedo ejected through frozen see,
So take a seat back, and watch how I told you I'll bring the melody back
I'm more energized than any battery pack
I uplift major depressions, I'm bringing Electroconvulsive therapy back
You think I'm crap, thank you, my opinioun is intelligence is what you lack

{ Chorus } 7*
Bring the beat Back
Bring the beat Back

{ Spokez }
Nobody aint seen the murder I seen
More major than on theync
. C o m where they aint seen
When heads get decapitated in the middle east
I behead a beat sharper than a guilletine
Leave wilkinsons (swords) impressed by my cutlary abilities
How I reshaped his f a c e with no need for the b l a d e
And I mean the tripple blade ignite the beat in flame when I exhale n inhale
With the simplest phrase if I may say
With the simplest pace if I may explain
I grap the beat like a crane and swing it around stage
Like an insane detained behind gates
The only thing I'm thinkin about in life is getting richer than Bill Gate's
Forbe's where is my portrait

{ Chorus }

First step I got on the dance floor,
Fuck an encore I beat the beat to the floor
My eyes only see's honey's
Funny they say I b, but I'm tryna increase visibility
Between their panties
Steadily but never slowly
Acting up I show her the door she can leave
I'm not the type of guy that practice are a p with an e
But I got uncountable ways of getting rid of her undies
Ask you aunties and your grand mother when she was in her teens
I'm so ancient I had to be edited from the b I b l e
Cause I was the first person to commit adultery with e v e

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Bring The Beat Back Lyrics

Spokez – Bring The Beat Back Lyrics