I've been drinking,
Since you left me,
I'm no longer myself.
Cheap booze now's,
My company,
Nights are worse than my days.

None of my friends would follow,
This whole shit is just too hollow.

Strippers dancing on my lap,
Simply just can't feel the gap.

Now your shadow,
Lurks even further,
But I don't seem to care.
A good old friend,
From Tennessee,
Makes it easier to bear.

Looking through my whiskey bottle,
I can't see that I'm in trouble.

Trying not to stay sober,
I just pray for a hangover.

The haze in my mind keeps your image at bay,
The morning comes and it's hell to pay.
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Pray For A Hangover Lyrics

Spine Chilling Breeze – Pray For A Hangover Lyrics