Time slips through my grasp,
As I swim through it's serpent waves,
I moan in pain, I gasp,
As I walk deeper in it's caves,
A flight of bestial creatures,
Takes me to where no man lies,
My face losing it's features,
Twisting and turning from my cries.

The maze which was my mind,
Now seems to violently unwind,
The pain it leaves behind,
Is all the pleasure that I'll find,
I fear the light of dawn,
Which finds me naked in it's eyes,
I feel I am a pawn,
Who's fooled by all your lies.

Broken in insolence,
I am blessed... By pain divine.
My sanity,
Coming in tidal waves,
My minds lost... Within it's tide.
Visions clear,
Within my mind I see,
I am trapped... Beneath it's weight.
Shadows fall,
And crumble into dust,
I foretell... The fate of mine.
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Losing My Insanity Lyrics

Spine Chilling Breeze – Losing My Insanity Lyrics