Fire - Higher... Hail Sathan
Ash - Gravel... Hail Typhon

Matchless weapons, raging fury
First chief Kingu, first born
To Vanquish Tiamat, the lord comes forth

Blazing - flame... Hail Sathan
Storm - Chariot... Hail Typhon

From the south, the south he'll rise
Lord Marduk, blur's their "Vision"
Spells of Tiamat, tablet of destiny's no more.

Divine - lightning... Hail Sathan
Evil - winds... Hail Typhon

Split her in two, channels of blood
Earth has been created, Noth winds
To bear it, to places unknown

Tightly - encircled... Hail Sathan
No - escape... Hail Typhon

Hammered canopy, stretched to Tehom
Earth suspended, in the void
His powers, the waters did arrest

Above & belov... Hail Sathan
Before & after... Hail Typhon

His energy, naughty one did cleave.
His winds, hammered bracelet measured out.
His hand, twisting dragon did extinguish

Beware ye, for the sine of Sathan, truly is 56,
He shall rise from the south. Ragnarok is near
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The Sine Of Satan Is 56 Lyrics

Spear Of Longinus – The Sine Of Satan Is 56 Lyrics