Jaws of delight
Snapping my c*** 'till red
Fucking forever
With the Queen of the Dead
Saliva, blood
And sweet juices of lust
Quicks passion and fire
Powers my thrust

Salt licking open cuts
Brings wildest pain
Release my vice
Through pleasures insane
Valuptuous visceous
S*** of hell
Tearing and raping
My flesh to swell

Supple liquid
Drew me to her crotch
Secretes more through
Pure wanton lust

Devil's poison

Trapped by the odor of stinky pussy of
Weltering necrowhore
Sucked through the cavernous lips of
Weltering necrowhore
Crushed with merciless delight from
Weltering necrowhore
Deathvomit in the aftermath of sodomy with
Weltering necrowhore

That cursed devil's poison
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Devil's Poison Lyrics

Spear Of Longinus – Devil's Poison Lyrics