I beckon to the souls of the desperate
Gather your energies within the forgotten depths
In the catacombs beneath unhallowed ground
The Faceless shall now look upon you
And none shall hinder your descent
To the buried temple of the Old Gods, waiting to be found.

Glimpse beyond the limited mortal perceptions...
To the nightmare that encircles the blind senses
Unfathomed, the chaos of Astral conception
As one we shatter the Elder Sign's defenses.

Transmutation of reality in purest form...
Whispers of madness undulate and resound from the Obelisk...

Pantheons have fallen to appease this hunger
So too must worlds fall as well
Renounce your beliefs in the Great Ones at last...
The Nameless shall now be exhorted
And none shall prevent their ascent
To pick apart mankind in grisly repast.
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Obelisk Lyrics

Sorrowseed – Obelisk Lyrics