Hear the clarion call to arms
Adorn the greaves of gravestones
The communal barrow grows restless with alarm
The seeds have been sown.

From the soil comes a ponderous pulse
The gangrenous mound of heroes
Mouldered and rancid, the stench to repulse
From the boneyards, the Colossus arose.

The might of a thousand strong
Surging through the brute
The corpus eclipsing the dawn
The Colossus crushes all!

Coalesced in the afterlife
A towering miscreation
Poised to deliver the final smite
The Colossus crushes all!

The ossuaries cannot withstand the weight
Of the fallen that dwell within
Broken vows, betrayal and hate
The valorous battles that could have been.

Such anguish consolidates in time
And grows compliant to arcane command
Thus, one body rises from hallowed grime
To smash the unworthy under cragged hands.

(Repeat chorus)

All nations will remember this day of reckoning.
Let all dissidents break beneath the giant’s steps
Once and for all.
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Corpse Colossus Lyrics

Sorrowseed – Corpse Colossus Lyrics