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Gary The Ghost Lyrics

Songdrops – Gary The Ghost Lyrics

Gary the ghost,
He liked to make toast,
Even though he couldn't eat it.

It smelled really yummy,
Put a smile in his tummy,
Even though he couldn't feed it.

That first night,
I awoke with a fright,
At the noise that he was making.

I got out of bed,
And kept a calm head,
Tiptoed into the kitchen shaking.

Then I turned on the light,
And saw a strange sight.
I wasn't sure what to think.

There was a ghost,
Holding some toast,
Dripping jam all over the sink.

He saw me there,
And said, "I don't mean to scare.
My name is Gary the ghost,

And every night,
When the moon is bright,
I like to make some toast

And I don't know why,
A light in the sky,
Would have that affect on me,

But hey, I'm a ghost,
And that means I'm supposed,
To be full of mystery,

So tonight I was wishing,
For a nice kitchen.
I ended up here for a snack.

If it's not okay,
Then I'll go away,
And I won't ever come back."

I said, "Gary,
You're not so scary,
Now that we're face to face,

But you made quite a mess.
Please try to make less,
The next time you stop by my place."

So that's how we met,
And he's not done yet,
Stopping by now and then and I am,

Mostly okay,
Except for the way,
He writes, "Thanks" on the fridge with the jam.

Yes, I'm mostly okay,
Except for the way,
He writes, "Thanks" on the fridge with the jam.
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