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The Unfinished Song Lyrics

Songdrops – The Unfinished Song Lyrics

I didn't finish this song,
'Cause I didn't have time,
So won't you play along,
And help me finish each---?

Do you get the idea?
It's not hard to see.
I'll start each part,
And then it's finished by---

When you look at the sky,
Before the day is done,
You see it shining bright.
I'm talking about the---

And when you look up at night,
If you look really far,
You can see little lights.
I'm talking about the---

On top of your head,
Can you feel what's there?
Is it brown or black or blonde or red?
I'm talking about your---

And at the end of your feet,
In nice, neat little rows,
They help you walk down the street.
I'm talking about your---

After you brush your teeth,
It's time to rest your head.
Time to go to sleep.
Time to go to---

This one's harder to finish,
But there was once a dinosaur,
Who had to go to the dentist,
'Cause his mouth was kinda---
(Did you get it?)

Well, it's already here,
So I won't pretend,
That there's more to this song,
'Cause this is the---

But wait, I'm still singing!
I don't even know why.
There's nothing left to say,
Except maybe good---
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