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X X X Lyrics

Soldier Kidd – X X X Lyrics

I don't give a fuck, this ain't Kodak Black nigga
One up top like KB back nigga
This ain't, this ain't Kodak black nigga, hey

Shit be gettin' hectic so I'm steady praying whoadie
Give a damn about your homies, I don't want to hear your story
And I'm only 17 but I'm clutchin' on the forty, and
This right here a forty but in it it got thirty
And my nigga don't tote the fire 'cause he know that bitch dirty
Me and my niggas on a heist, we don't care we up early 'cause
When it comes to money, we gon' take like we deserve it
I remember bein' down, now I'm flyer than a birdie
Got her booted off a perky, I'm no waiter but I'm servin'
And I'm goin' on a lick if you tell me that it's certain
I just hit that bitch right behind my mama's curtain
And I tuck the nina 'cause she always love flirtin'
I wasn't goin' to school but every day was learning
I'm just out here searching, cracker where your merchant?
Hit my first stain, I ain't never need no practice
Gotta stretch your bank 'cause my shit look like elastic
Tell me if you fake 'cause right now you lookin' plastic
You say you down to bang and I hope you wasn't cappin'
Came up on the banger, I'ma make a nigga panic
Turn you to a hater 'cause that money so fantastic
My dog tried to rob me so I'm 'bout to go bag him
Ain't no fifty cent for my lily dilly back then
Nigga yeah back when we was jumpin' in your crib
Now I'm in the stu and shit, probably copped the flu and shit
Soldier sicker than a bitch, I'm in school smokin' crip
Deuce deuce in my armpit, I might be a madman
I done snuck the fire in my motherfuckin' class bitch
I ain't 21 but I'm motherfuckin' savage
Right when you see me, boy you better up the TEC
Ain't no ABC, you know I'm Triple-X
When I wake up I be feelin' like I'm blessed
Lil Ty, got him right there in my chest nigga
Heard that I'm the best nigga, baby I'm a street nigga
Actin' like a public figure, talkin' like I'm six figure
Nigga know I'm first up, you the fuckin' sixth nigga
Just 'cause that's my migo, we some young rich niggas
Had to fuckin' diss niggas, sick and tired of bitch niggas
They been askin' for real and I'm the one they sent nigga
Fuck that shit, I'm done with the beat nigga
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