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Girl Listen Lyrics

Soldier Kidd – Girl Listen Lyrics

Ayy, rest in peace Lil Ty
Hundred band Ty
Know I smoke high

If it ain't about the money we ain't talkin' girl
Damn that shit hurt, my dog off the earth
Shawty I'm a thug, I don't need nobody else
Boy you by yourself when you in that cell
Girl you no help, please don't hit my cell
Heard you out here tellin' but you claim you real
I be in the trenches tryna make it there
Fuckin' 'round with you got me in my feelings
Fuckin' 'round with you, I be out here chillin'
Should be with the hundred bands tryna make a million
Heard them niggas ran when it got serious
I be tryna tell Ted 'cause he be trippin'
Tell me what it is, girl we can kick it
Boy I got htat fire, that shit don't even kick
Army every night, we was on the mission
Boy your ho a treat, she be out here trickin'
Heard you fucked me like you gotta listen
How you slidin' in these streets, you ain't got no license
See how I drop the beat, think I'm Mike Tyson
Thinkin' 'bout Lil Ty then I start cryin'
Puttin' in my time, girl I'm out here grindin'
Damn a nigga fucked, I can hear the sirens
You can't get no trust, everybody lyin'
Damn that shit brazy, my lil niggas dyin'
Like damn that shit brazy, my lil nigga died
I was just not prayin' for my nigga's time
You know where I stay, I ain't never hidin'
Tryna gain the K and I put a lil ice in
My dog say fuck the plea, we gon' have to fight it
They just freed HP, damn my nigga slidin'
Girl you tryna run me up, 'cause you know I'm buyin'
Girl can we fuck, 'cause it's perfect timin'
Bitch you always in my DM's like any time
You the only one look me in my eyes
Ain't no question where I'm from, girl I'm south side
I know sometimes I be dumb but I talk to God
Heard you bump my shit, heard you used to rock
Got that banger on me, probably shoot a star
I'ma want you more when we get apart
I'm just tryna see my fuckin' nigga walk

Rest in peace Lil Ty, man rest in peace Lil Ty
Hundred band Ty, man these niggas just don't rock
But you know I'm moon rock
Let it dump
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