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Soap Box Lyrics

So Much Light – Soap Box Lyrics

There’s just no way I can contain this
Wow, holy shit, you’re famous
God damn, follow me back
I so understand
Why become a god
When you could be a brand?
So, am I part of your ambitious plans
Now that I’m part of the subscription plan?
Ooo, baby
Dudes tell me who they’re tryna bang with
Can’t keep it classy when I’m hearing so much lame shit
God damn, keep it together, I don’t understand
Do you do anything
That you don’t tell the friends?
So tell me who you’re trying to impress
Graph paper out
To show me how she go convex
Good god, man
No, good god, man
This dude’s a walking talking haircut
Calls up his barber
Cause he’s fiending for a line up
God damn, pencil me in
You don’t understand
Without my classic look
How can I be a man?
Sure, you’ve got the suit the tie
The French cologne
But it’s hard to navigate through life
On looks alone
No good, man
I’m coming down off of my soap box
I’m stepping down
Down off of my soap box
I’m coming down
Gettin’ down
Getting down
I’m getting down
I’m getting down
I’m coming down

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