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'90s High School Party Lyrics

So Much Light – '90s High School Party Lyrics

You didn't invite me
To your 90's high school party
Are your parents out of town?
Would you get grounded if they found out?

Potato guns, light sabers
What happened to party favors?
You still had favors out
But they're nothing to brag about

Watching you two go up the stairs is hard
Now how will you maintain order in the backyard?

What kind of hostess leaves her guests unattended?
I made that call with all my most sincere intentions

You didn't include me
In your 90's teenage movie
You'll play the leading role
Make-believe you have a soul

Your guests are all decaying
The neighbors are complaining it
They wither to the ground
And you're nowhere to be found

It's the surest sign that the party's doomed
When all your friends start dying in the living room

Come look come quick
Oh no

You don't want to hear what you're doing wrong
Mix these drinks, be social, put some music on

I'm bound forever, through and through
I'll bet I love you more than your parents do

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