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Vibe Higher Cypher 1 Lyrics

Snow Tha Product – Vibe Higher Cypher 1 Lyrics

[Verse 1: Snow The Product]
Haters ain't want me to wake up today
Guess who's alarm went off
Fuck y'all bitches, ain't shit you can fucking say
Like we lighting off a gun off
I'ma shock y'all little motherfuckers with the fake shit
With the negative energy conversation
Finna put y'all back in your place
Back to complacent, bitch better face it, woo

[Verse 2: LexTheGreat]
Yeah, it's been too long we've been waitin'
Tell 'em if they mad they can hate, but
I don't got no time to be wastin'
To the back of the line to you basics
Yeah this shit's straight, get to chasin'
Tie your shoes get to lacin'
You were blind I gave you light
Now you ain't shit, played yourself twice
Go on with that fake shit

[Verse 3: Castro Escobar]
Guess who just showed up with the juice now
Bitch I'm too far gone just to lose now
Different ways aren't changed I can choose how
All the hate they gave is my fuel now
Always mind my own
They mind is blow
They tryna clone
But there's never gonna be another Castro though
Shut a motherfucker down like the Astrodome
Snow told me to put in work and now I'm bout to go, yeah
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