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Neva Gave A Fuck Lyrics

Snow Tha Product – Neva Gave A Fuck Lyrics

Look, look, yo, Snowhite Tha Product, still that fucking mamacita
If you ain't heard about me yet, 'Hola! It's nice to meet ya'
Walking around town, everybody throw the peace up
Cause I'm cutting them checks like FEMA
Cause I got me a team of hot little Latinas
And they got a couple double D-cups (Whoop)
Sell sex? Yep, that I will, but not me, I just collect the bill
I got a hot chick and her ass dressed to kill
And I’m not Jigga man, but I’ll get a mil
I'll throw the rock in your hand and I'll get a deal
I got it locked cause I'm Cali to Texas drill
And drive off in a caddy sedan deville
I got a lot of them saying I got mass appeal
But I never gave a fuck, and I probably never will
I'm the only chick with no co-sign, fuck splitting up a deal
Man you know I got hella bread to make
So I just need the dough and chill
And then I put that shit on 'Bake' and then pull out the fucking meal
See, this whole industry is fake, but they just seem to know the drill
So if a chick is in my way, and if she hate, the ho get killed
And you know that I'm born up in the Bay, so all these fishes need to chill
Cause San Jose Shark in the water, and I'm hungry 'til the gills
Fuck how you feel!
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