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Money Talks Lyrics

Snow Tha Product – Money Talks Lyrics

My money talks, I’m about my paper
My money talks, language is translator
My money talks, gon need a cash maker
My money talks, cuz my money’s so major

[Verse 1 – Snow Tha Product]
I’m on this grind so hard you can’t tell me nothing
Doing good, so you just keep up that talking cousin
Ain’t got no time for these crazy chicken heads to be clucking
I’m on tour like a rock star, always in to something
I don’t got time for the chitter chatter or phone calls
If it ain’t bout Snow making some money then don’t call
I’m pushing mixtapes and albums with self-marketing
And y’all happen to be falling behind? Well pardon me
Let me speed it up a little, so I leave you behind just a little bit more
I’m moving up in the game every day, I call the shots and what I say goes
Can’t talk cause I’m on the road
Swerve through cars when I put that hate on hold
Y’all cookie cutter made, I’m Snow White, the tough cookie that broke the mold
Coming through cold, stacking up chips like a Pringles factory worker, oh
You ain’t know? I’m making moves if you ain’t, what you living for?
Money talks and I got a lot of conversation, if you mad, you mad cause you don’t
These presidents coming to me regardless, prodigy and T gon blow


[Verse 2 – Tum Tum]
Money, moolah, bread I’m chasing
You see my watch, no time is wasting
UPCC we run this shit, didn’t give us nothing we had to take it
Middle finger all of them, they didn’t believe so fuck em tho
He probably mad I fucked his ho
Damn right, and went back for more
Money bags and [?] I swear that I be living fast
All day, no sleep, I got to feel that money bag
Plus I like to smoke weed and keep my body inked up
Versace shades ain’t free I got to keep my bands up
Summer right aroud the corner and Imma need a drop top
Put out the best product and I can make the block hot
Money on my mind, chicken on my plate
It’s food on the table, bow your head and say grace

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