Come here girl look in my eyes and listen while I tell you lies
I love you baby you're the best put your face in the pillow put your ass to the test

As I come back down - nothing left to say but I guess I'll fuck you now

Follow me into the badlands all your kisses I deflect -
Follow me into the hall (********** **** I collect)
Chastity - purity - nothing but a state of mind - you are my Queen my junkie fiend
I'll love you til the end of time

You're the prettiest girl I've ever seen I'll tell you that shit when you're on your knees
Lucky me you're on the pill I'll call tomorrow I promise I will

Believed my shit you sucked my dick you fucking rotten little bitch
You're someones daughter and he's pissed what did he do to you to make you do (Chris)

Appalled at myself and hating you what the fuck did I just do
Forget it now the shit is done ten meaningless minutes with Devon
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Devon Lyrics

Slutbox – Devon Lyrics