Everyone tries to tell you you're imagining things but the firearm is begging for a quick release
Do my bidding end the passion as the light floods the sidewalks into the streets
Watch as the lives disappear in handgun blasts open the floodgate and the living fade fast
I love you david you're my favorite son turn the page and you're back to square one
I see me in your eyes - swat away the flies - I'm choking for air - and I don't fucking care
I'm dead and walking - alive and breathing - hating your life

Turn around fast to catch the last ray of hope cover the wounds and fill the emptiness with dope
Your life is my candycane sugar sanity my life is your cancer yet offers sanctity
Push back the lies and morality wilts flowers on tombstones soft petals in silt
A pale moon dances as the lovers embrace as the madman slashes out and soils another face

I smell disdain - Oh Sammy - I am a monster

Hide in the darkness and feel for the walls the screaming persists as the sadist hammer falls
The light in the window dims as shadows dance a gun and a message the psycho's romance
Death on the windshield leaves spiderweb dreams compliance played out in homicide scenes
Bracing for impact as the visions return releasing the poison is the only concern (as we burn)
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Dead And Walking Lyrics

Slutbox – Dead And Walking Lyrics