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Valero Lyrics

Slug Christ – Valero Lyrics

Valero, Valero, Valero, Valero
Valero, Valero, Valero
Valero, Valero, Valero, Valero

[Verse 1:]
I went to Valero three times today
Bought a pineapple Fanta three times today
Slugga known to fuck around with that syrup thing
I just bought a pint, now the set is sideways
Valero, Valero, ain't fuck no bitch named Carol
That bitch was blowin' air hole
These whales just want attention
Hit Valero and I fill up the gas tank
Hit Valero for the Swishers that my gas in


[Verse 2:]
I went to Valero three times today
Bought a pack of them Swishers three times a day
Sold out the bitch last night, so I'm a little paid
If I'm a little payed I'm probably on one or three
I'm in your city I'm tryna get shitty
Pull up on me for the L-O you sell me
I fuck up the winter, I fuck up the century
Slugga that Christ and my gas always stinkin'
My club goin' up while emotions be sinkin'
Up and down like gas prices at Valero

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