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Hokay Hokay Hokay Lyrics

Slug Christ – Hokay Hokay Hokay Lyrics

If you don't fuck with me, it's probably cuz you're stuck in the year 2K15 or 2K16 or whatever the fuck year it is
And I'm in the year 10 bajillion A.D
After the goddam Sun has exploded
So catch up, fuck boy, damn

[Hook] (∞x)
Hokay, hokay, hokay

Hokay, hokay this bitch wanna do the hokey pokey-pokey
I caught her like a poke, didn't need no ultra poke (fwoo)
I feel like Apollo the God and the shuttle, the Sun is in space
You don't understand what I'm doin' so sit back and shut up and watch what I do
Fuck you
Fuck you
You mad because I glew
Glo’d up to the moon
Now I don't need shit from you
Or no one
Me and Ethereal woke up and smoked about a hunnids spliffs
I smoked a quarter last night by myself
Got a pot addiction, damn I need some help
Damn I need some help
Not to mention, I got more addictions
Xanax, percocets, oxycontin, wet-wet swimmin', fwoo
Red and yellow tippin', can't afford no purple, purple
But watch what I do, final form Slugga be lookin' at you like damn

[Hook] (∞x)
Hokay, hokay, hokay
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