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Impregnate A God Lyrics

Slug Christ – Impregnate A God Lyrics

I see you lurkin' around the corner
Floatin' just a little bit, you lack a border
I forgot, I'm no longer sober
Slippin', slippin', slippin' fuck, I'm slippin' outta order
Chase you up the stairs, then I chase you up the stairs
Consequences fair but I couldn't ever care
Black ball, I'm right behind you
Release that silhouette cause this shit is tryna guide you
Runnin' blind, I'm comatose
The bitch evaporated when I sunk down through the hole
Wake me up now, but I ain't sleepin'
Cravin', cravin', cravin' that Muscaria amanita
Impregnate a fuckin' God
I'm that fuckin' bitch when I'm pourin' up a 4
Hit a lick, lick, lick with this Slug
Bequeath that throne to me if you down for the cause

Too quick to get carried away
I'm startin' to believe it, believe it
My blood shone while across her face
And I'm startin' to believe it
I inseminate the God
And start to deceive it

[Hook] (2x)
I'll give it up
I give it up
I'm giving up
I gave it up

[Outro] (2x)
Now I'm all alone
I really wanna stay here on my own
Now I'm all alone
I don't feel like floatin' back home
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