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Criminal Lyrics

Slug Christ – Criminal Lyrics

[Verse 1: Slug Christ]
You chimp depressed
Off yourself
Got banana clips
I'll help you out
If you ain't fucked
Then pop yourself
Gotta thousand caps
Shove 'em in you mouth
I be off the molly
Ain't even at a party
I be with the leaches rapin' Jesus in Versace
Probly off the poppies
Damn bitch this bitch throbbin'
That dope dick in you mouth
Yeah, yeah chicken head be bobbin' okay

[Verse 2: Lord Narf]
Now everybody gettin' on my mothafuckin' nerves
I'm just rollin' and rollin' and passin' the purp
And I'm realy just lazy as fuck so I give that bitch one time
Bitch only get one time
Must be out her damn mind
Cuz I’m on the damn bean
And I’m lookin’ clean
With you man on the scene, scene
And we smokin’ that green, green
Peace to the people that hate me
But you can burn in hell if you ain't me
An I'm swervin' on 'em
Thay lame be
Use a drip drop whip from the 80's
And I'm bored as fuck so entertain me
An I tell 'em go and they go
And I tell 'em no so it's no
Cuz I am a criminal

[Verse 3: Pyramid Quince]
Pyramid Quince off in this bitch
Puttin' on for the afterlife
Nephew chillin' with Uncle Slim and Anti-Christ
On my jawn now my sack is right
Rap my ballseat black and white
She been choosin' all night long and say the way I rap is tight
With no fresh cut still I step up trynna fill her gap tonight
Rollin', rollin', rollin' niggas stonin', stonin', stonin'
Smokin' 'til the mornin' then back to the after life

[Verse 4: Slug Christ]
We don’t sell molly anymore
So I fill the cup up with mud
Putt another cup under it
Now I gotta double cup, ok
Pull up in somebodies whip
Passin' me somebody's spliff
Checkin' my paypal balance
Damn I fucked up my check you!
Where the fuck is fat
Tell him gimme all my racks
Up my damn allowance
Dad I need it in advanced
Young Slugga I cook with a lotta butter
Paula Deen money yeah that's my mother
Shout out Anita my mother love me
Shout out my rap money bunky oh!

[Verse 5: Lord Narf]

[Verse 6: ?

[Verse 7: Pyramide Quince]
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