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Bane Lyrics

Slug Christ – Bane Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Gimme all you Benzos and racks
I think I'm Vincent Vega when I cop a dope sack
Yeah these hoes all glass
You wanna do work or you just want this ass
Why I feel like a hot ass bitch ?
A thot want my vag like they got teen dick
Swear I had big tits tight slit
Long hair than skin and my daddy was rich
Suckas clay
All these ducks think I'm gay
Roll it catch this shit on tape
Discovered how to vomit on the face of a tame
Sunflowers on the pants no shit
Step up in club while I'm takin' a shit
Reverse blade on a pussy ass lick
Battousai when I kill you bitch
Runnin' through the mince
Hunnids for the imps
The few demons on my back want bliss
But TGE methods they employ lack all common sense
She cough up all butt nuts
I force fed to you mother
She tied up in my bunker
No solace in you comfort

[Verse 2]
Fuck it up, fuck it up hoe
Cyndaquil light with the way that I glow
Really I lack all control
Slug cannot cope
Slug cannot cope
12:20 gun powder foil
4:50 pukin' in the toil
Black and white shit straight all noir
Blood in my vomit that shit hit the boil
All brimstone my words
Sever through you torso with the flamewheel burns
Kill me, kill me, kill me
Bitch it's not you turn
Move youself into the line of the suicidal girls
For a rack I can split you from the bottom
Throw a few more and I'll straight up dissolve you
Young Slug bitch murder no problem
Necronomicon read the Slug God column
What's that
That's me
Abomination Jesus Slug Demon half breed
Messiah to a gen of dope fiends
Siftin' through dimensions like a ghost holy
Real with the purge
Euthanize Earth
Bombs in my hand as I steady swag surf
Kelly Slater with the paper as I murk
Slug in you throat how you like this girth
Y'all borin'
I don't fuck with you people
Eyes wander scared
When pull out 3 kind of illegal
Soul resonance no equal
Blair witch my hoe
Burn down that steeple
Occult witch craft flow
Do not call me daddy bitch that shit is fuckin' weird
But you call me Vishnu cuz I'm supreme tween you stream
Beat it, beat it senseless you gon' probly fall in love
And start hallucinatin' when you ingest that Slug cum
Dusk over top of me
Twilight hypotheses
Clockin' the Glock when these fuckas is copyin'
When I get poppin' be
No chance of stoppin' me
Murder then murder what I deem hypocracy
You claim autocracy
Really just jockin' me
Obviously watchin' me
Possibly stalkin' me
Slug in this bitch with a couple sacks probably
Flippin' the work right outside of the dollar tree
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