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Toaster Lyrics

slowthai – Toaster Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Not one for authority
Follow you, no follow me
Left foot forward bro be free
There are no rules, just societies
Society says slowthai is a danger
Headtop rearranger
No love for authorities
They took my bro and that's robbery
[?] no way could I cater
We can sort it out later
Roll about for that flavor
Nasty boy, it's my nature
Consequence bun a consequence
I'm a narcissist, see you later
Defending my team like I'm Shawcross
Can't talk about steez rocking bootcuts
Shortcuts no confusion
I wouldn't do you if I was clueless
Hop a fence for that bunda
What I do for the music
No man can ever call me junior
Say that I'm moving stupid
I don't hit town, drown my sorrows in Sambuca to act like Cupid
Rather stay at home be zooted
It just ain't computing that I ain't coding computer follow the leader 'till we get snookered
Wear my Zoomers you're wearing Pumas
Lean to the side, twelve from Verucas
I'm sat at home with my Gucci loafers
Couple Rosie Lee on my sofa

Can't piss in my toaster
[?] on my sofa
At one with nature
Pissing off my neighbors

Not not here
Not not there
I think someone's there
Turn it up I don't care

[Verse 2]
Authorities that I can't hear
You can't come in, no pigs in here
Warrant outstanding more than a year
Had myself [?]
Understanding the agenda
If you're law-abiding, cooperate, bless
You'll never catch me alive, or dead
[?] can't be a prisoner
Put the cuffs on me, put you in the finisher
On custody even as a visitor
It's not holiday, and it's not [?]
Mahogany up in my yard
Doberman shitting on my grass
I never listen to what I got told

Can't piss in my toaster
[?] on my sofa
At one with nature
Pissing off my neighbors

I said
Not not here
Not not there
I think the feds there
Fuck the feds I don't care
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Songwriters: Kwesi Darko Obiri, Tyron Kaymone Frampton
Toaster lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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