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Disneyland Lyrics

slowthai – Disneyland Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Caravan of buttlings
Searching for a pretty Pocahontas
You say I thought love was always toxic
Alcohol to live a man, these drinks made me vomit
And I haven't seen my jigga
Drive benz 'round ends selling keys no tens
Lifestyle of conflict, this is not a concept
Just being honest, haven't got the cheat codes
Sales down these roads, been days since I been home
With friends how I feel alone, pair of fords in my dome
Thinking I'd be better of if I gave up and left this world
You say I ain't been myself, since days in a police cells
Heaven man I live in hell, for money I'mma live in hell, alone
And I miss my girl, man I ain't feeling well
Man I wanna off myself, screaming that I love yourself for love
I'mma live in hell, I love you, pray you're doing well
Love you each and every day, more than I love myself

Monday blues, monday blues

Sometimes when I find myself low I look to the skies and pray
But there's no god above me that can take my pain
And I cry outright
I pray my enemies die

[Verse 2]
I miss being open, honest with my siblings
Too busy squabbling 'bout shit with no meaning
Man have missed feeling, and man have missed dreaming
Man have missed sleeping without weed
Forgot the last time I was creasing, drowning in the deep end
Wheres all the fun gone? Why did the fun stop?
Why've you've got a gun, topic man better bun shots
Why does the fun stop? Why don't we smile?
Man've walked for miles for a draw in the rain
To act bored and complain
Say it's on the way, turn the scales on the ways, always the same
You just sit and complain, 'bout how you sit and complain
I was happy selling Jay, now I'm happy I'm legit
Either way I make change
Come prepared, well equipped
I'll stick you in your face, pray to god you don't stick
I'm just trynna make change, but money ain't shit

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