You take an ounce of inspiration
You glimpse a pinhole of truth
You sully it beyond all recognition
That's not God, that's you

You know what they say about lies
And how they make baby Jesus cry
Think about that next time
You blame the evils of the world on those you choose to despise

You project a silhouette on a great big wall
Is that the only point of view?
We're in your shadow waiting for it all to fall
That's not God, that's you

It's not ours to decide
If God is cruel or kind
But you better make up your mind
To believe or to take sides

Lacerate and anoint our sores
Invoke the martyrs as you make some more
With your scriptures and your holy wars
Human is all we are
Only the mistakes are ours.
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Human Lyrics

Slow Gherkin – Human Lyrics