We got your message, delievered it ear to ear
Promote your passions but take them far from here
We've been living right by the sea
Drown the soldiers 'cause we gotta leave
Pull the pictures off of the wall and give my mother a call

Maybe it's better, I'd hate to ruin your life
My friends versus your wife
It's not a battle for my house
Where we celebrate our lives
My house
Where the laughter makes you cry

A thousand nights here and now I cannot sleep
Cause in the morning, I'll give you back the key
By the sea the mood can be blue
With a castle blocking the view
A toast to the nights that were blocked by the blinds
Back when we said that it was my house
Where the curtains block your eyes
My house
Where the cocktails float our eyes
My house
Where the rats dance with the mice
My house
Where your children tell you lies
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Oxford Way Lyrics

Slow Gherkin – Oxford Way Lyrics