Look At Me From Where You Are
Concrete Thoughts Just Fall Apart
Keeping Still
I Lose My Head

Holding On To A Fading Dream
A Picture Perfect Obscurity
Keeping Still
What Is For Real

I Just Move On

I Look At You From A Mile Away
One Thousand Words
Not A Thing To Say
Laying Low
Where I Can Go Down

Pasting Pieces Of Your Yesterday
I'm Burning Bridges To Place It Safe
Laying Low
I Can't Take The Stand

I Just Move On
I Take It All

Look At Us From A Picture Frame
A Thousand Words
Couldn't Make You Stay
Keeping Low
I Lost Control
Holding On To Your Memory
A Picture Perfect Reality

I Never Thought That I'd Be The One
Left Here Alone

I Just Move On
I Take It All
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Picture Perfect Lyrics

Skywind – Picture Perfect Lyrics