She Cries When Gray Skies Clear
He Goes Far Away
We Bathe In Waterfalls
Swimming Through It All

She Dives

Patiently She Watches As He Takes A Leap
Into The Deep End
We Pass By Pretending Not To See Your Eyes
Focused Into Sea
Seasons Lie
They Cover Up The Stain
From Bleeding Hearts
They Never Change
Keep You Sane
They'll Always Be The Same
Old T. V. Series
We Can't Hide
We Need Another Fix From Life
So We Run
Into Air, Into Clear
Hiding From The Rain

Change Your Mind
I'll Never Try To Take Your Breath Away
Now I Want Out Where I Can Taste The Air

Sinking In A Whirlpool-World Created
We Dive

Still Soaking From The Rain

Can You Taste The Air?
Do You Taste The Air?
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O2 Lyrics

Skywind – O2 Lyrics