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manuva Pen

to tha paper I scream at the world Picky

headed youth don't wear no jerry curl In

the heat of the summer More

time I trembled Nuthin

don't change I'm, picky from within The

R's for the Rage E's

for the Energy B's

for the 3-4 Bounce that we count Second

E's for the Era of this young hottie youth L

presents Long term soildier stand firm Foundation

flexin stretchin out the pound I

used to want the queens head Now

I want the crown Its

in my blood stream S

s***to hard to define Why

some, get the vision an the rest tow the line Sleepwalkin

floggin the horse that's done dead Pissin

in the wind now piss drips down your leg Is

you plum or is you pleb Dude

its one an the same One

s titshort now flush that pee brain Put

ur hand on ur lips spell d-e-are You

wanna be fartface, An

me can't spar Like

the dooper, I am I don't wanna cause friction I

hold my space an then I diss em wid the diction Nuff

of them will fear this Its

right now that they don't wish to hear this Simple

forensic but they can't get near this Its

fingerprints of god G-O-D



em philosophical My

rap styles collasol to your brain Like

a line of cocaine straight up your nostril Nowadays

like aristotle I

send my message through da mic not in a bottle A

gifted mic disciple like an apostle Hip

hops my life an hustle Lyric

skils be the muscle They

be brand new like the heavies not old like some fossils I

meditate on bible scriptures Not

porno pictures I

smoke sensi bud green, like the trees of eucalyptus Buffalo

soldier from a rasta man army I

need hip hop to satisfy my soul like bob marley Wisdoms

what I give them Flippin

knowledge on the rhythm If

your talkin like a devil I'm performin exorcism Ill

cause malice smoke, a chalice in buckingham palace Get

the queen high send, her to wonder land like alice Cos

I'm a dark stranger Not

from a dirty sick chamber Cos

a star burns above my head like jesus from a manger Lone

ranger I, don't need a posse to follow My

backup be my sword I use it swift like zorro Guided

by a force similar to obi one kenobe Walk

the skies like luke an even chewbacca couldn't hold me If

ur a phoney its, lights out like james toni An

I'm confident like naseem hamed so, you don't know me I

walk in the shadows I, make you paro (paranoid) My

mind be narrow I, carry guns an laser bow an arrows Si-phillie


be the bingee man come back from zion Wid

the bag of sensimilila an da mic in da other hand Bounty

killa on the rampage for reala Gonna

make mad dough like my name was don miller Chancellor

exchequer mic recka Or

? sampras You

know I be top class This

one is a message from king salisse I Any

p y***bwoy tess I dem bwoy gaan die Puppet

master rasta bring forth disaster Eskimos

be boppin to my s titin alaska Weak

emcees be droppin out cos they have ta Convert

n s****I make em go see their pastor Power

move makin Never

fakin that jamaican I'm

from trinidad When

it comes to respect I'm, like ur dad Not

a fake like alexander o neil Neva

choppin off my locks like that n anusseal The

si philly hot tabasco chilli N

skanksuckin up my style like a nipple on a titty I'm

flippin lyrics when I'm not on the rob So

my surgical gloves protects the prints of the gods Skeleton


all mighty what the devil (you star )?Wot

the hell what on earth cha What

the bloodclaat What

da rass hole blast hole ina di beast I'm

da blessin an da dammend an da famine an the feast I'm

a man 'o' war cos I was a man of peace Now

I'm out for your neighbours like they name was annalise Speak

from a snow capped peak to the abyss I'm

ugly as sin An

I'm da livin criss I'm

chilled in the field an the inner city hype I'm

the murderin theivin rapin type I'm

the heat the, light the, cold an the dark I'm

the silver back gorilla an the great white shark I'm

the poorest slum I'm the richest palace The

lyricist the herbalist and the gyaliss I

can get ya down an I can get you lifted The

giver an the gifted The

bima aint fiftied Shifted

gears, I'm the tears an the laughter The

birth an the death an whatever there after The

kiss on the cheek an the kick ina de crotch The

fingerprints of god an every head'll get touch
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Fingerprints Of The Gods Lyrics

Skitz – Fingerprints Of The Gods Lyrics